Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Raga Veenavadini, Drut Teentaal

आज शुभ दिन महुरत मनावो, मंगल गावो रे ||
जनम/ब्याह/धन्य दिन मुबारक बदिया बरसावो (मंगल गावो रे ...) || धृ ||
चीर आयु  समृद्धी पावो ||
सबल मनोबल सिद्धी पावो ||
'नादरंगशुभ दिन महुरत मनावो (मंगल गावो रे ...) ||१|| 
A very happy birthday/Anniversary to you to! Let us celebrate this joyous occasion!
May you live long and prosperMay the force be with you! 'Naadrang' wishes you the best on your day.

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