Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Raag Vachaspati, Drut Ektaal (December 2013)

दुनिया बडी मोह जाल ।।
सोलह सौ रंग सिंगार कर,
र दिशा चमक लुभाये!
जीत जाऊ उत बहकाये ।।धृ।। 
ज्ञान बहे, अंगुली पे,
याद नही, ध्यान हिले,
सुख आलस अत भावे,
कैसे नादरंग मन बचावे? ।।१।।

This world is a colorful, glittering web of temptation, luring us, seducing us at every step!

Knowledge is but a click away.
We've become forgetful, impatient and easily distracted.
We seek instant gratification and prefer the easy way out.
How can Naadrang save his mind from such an alluring trap?

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