Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Om Mani Kamal Vyom - Nirguni Bhajan in Malkauns

ॐ मणि कमल व्योम
सकल ब्रह्मांड चैतन्यरूप
सच्चिदानंद ॐ … ॥ धृ ॥

तन अनेक पर मानस एक
जग दरपन अंतर्मन देख
नित्य निर्गुण निराकार ॐ … ॥१॥
अहंकार आत्मन झगड़े
द्वैत नही तब द्वंद्व मिटे
अद्वैत अमित अनाहतनाद रंगी ॐ … ॥ २ ॥
Explanation -
This is a Nirguni Bhajan in Raga Malkauns. It also embodies the 'Akash Panchamahabhoota' or the element of Space/Sky/Aether.

Om, the cosmic sound (the jewel), creates the universe (the lotus) and fills all of space. (Also see Om-Mani-Padme-Hum).
The cosmos is constructed from consciousness.
This blissful experience of the boundless, pure consciousness is Om.
The 'many' have but one soul.
The world is just a reflection of our inner self.
Om alone is timeless, epithet-less and formless.
The ego is in conflict with the soul.
Conflict ends only when this duality ends.
Only Om, the infinite, spontaneous sound is 'Advait' (indivisible , absolute oneness)

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