Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Raga Gujri Todi - Drut Teentaal

कौन समझे मोरे मन की बिथा!
भोजन, बसन, भुवन, मान है,
वाय-फाय नही -- आयु वृथा ।। धृ ।। 
रुठी बिजुरी छाया अंधियारा,
सबन से दूर अकेला बेचारा!
नादरंग कित पढ़ूँ जन-कथा? ।। १ ।।


Who shall understand my torment?
I have food, clothing, shelter and honor;
But without WiFi, my life is in vain! 
Without electricity, my life's in utter darkness.
I feel isolated from everyone, oh woe is me!
How shall 'Naadrang' read society's posts now?

Special thanks to Dr. Ashok and Mrs. Nandini Wardekar.

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