Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Raga Bhairav - Drut Ektaal - On Toddlers' Demands and Sleep.

जागो अब जागो जागो!
सूरज पूरब से छायो || धृ ||  
हम सारी रैन "गावे",
नैन बरसावे, थारो जगावे, ना पछतावे!

गरवा लगावो!
                        सुलावो! || १ ||
Kid to Parent: 
"Wake up right this minute! Wake up! Wake up!!
The sun's coming up in the east.
I don't care that I've been up all night "singing" and crying and have not let you sleep a wink. Now hug me, feed me and rock me to sleep, right this minute!

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