Friday, April 12, 2019

Yaman Khyaal on Living in the moment - Vilambit Ektaal

मालिक (हैं) इस पल के ,
कल अचल, कल पहेली, कल माया दास.  || धृ ||

झूठा फंदा  , माया का -- चिंता खेद बेकाम!
'नादरंग' करो रे अबही में न्यास.  || १ ||


We are only masters of only this present moment. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery - All of time except for the present moment is but a servant of the grand illusionist, Maya!
The Past and Future are traps - Worry and regret are exercises in futility.
'Naadrang' says "Live in the now!"

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