Wednesday, March 18, 2020

A Song about fighting the Coronavirus

ना करो, ना करो, सुनो मोरी बात |
ना Corona करो, सुनो मोरी बात |
ना मिलाओ हाँथ, हम जोड़त हाँथ  |
ना लगाओ मुख सो मैले हाँथ! || धृ ||  
मत डरो, घर रहो, कुछ दिन रात |
Corona पे मिल करोना मात |
जग करो निरोगी दीनानाथ! || १ ||
(Composed in Raga Basant, Addha-Teentaal)

This is a song about how we can stay safe and do our part during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Please don't, please don't! I must speak.
Please don't spread Corona! I must speak.
Please don't shake my hand, let's try a different technique 🙏
Let's keep those filthy hands away from our cheek. 
Let's work from home, but let's not freak.
Let's conquer Corona, before the havoc it'll wreak.
Please keep us all healthy, O savior of the weak.

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