Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miyaan-Ki-Malhar, Drut Teentaal (June 2010)

सावन घनन घनन ॥
घन घोर घनन, बूंदन सनननन ॥
बिजुरी गिरि गिरि रननन ॥ ध्रु ॥ 
मन तराना गाये तननन
धिर धिर धिर, धिर धिर धिर तों, उमड घुमड घन ॥
ओदानी ओदानी दानी यललोम यललोम ॥
प’ S ग’ म’ रे’ सा’, नि रे’ सा’ रे’ नि सा’ नि ध नि प म प,
ग म रे सा नि सा, रे प म प (नि ध नि सा’ सा’ नि सा’ सा)’ x ३ ॥१॥

मन तराना गाये तननन
बरसत, गरजत, दमकत, झमकत, टपकत सावन ॥
दिन दिन दिन, नागे नागे नागे,
घन घन घन, तिन तिन तिन,
घे घे धिन, घे घे घिन, भिगी भिगी तन (धुमकिटतक धा ति घिं त धा) x ३ ॥ २॥

मन तराना गाये तननन
'नादरंग' छनन नाचे मगन मन ॥
गगन गगन देखो घिर घिर आये ॥३॥

This is a "Chatarang". Chatarang is formed by the Sanskrit words "Chatur" meaning "four" and "Anga" meaning "body". A Chatarang is a composition that has four distinct bodies - Bandish, Tarana, Pakhawaj (Bols) and Sargam. This Chatrang is an onomatopoeic description of a rainy day.

The rain clouds, dark and heavy have taken over the sky. Thunder rumbles in the distance, rain drops pitter patter on the ground as lightning streaks across the sky. Today marks the end of a long, hot, thirsty summer!

The heart sings in joy and celebration, accompanied by the drum beats and melody of thunder and rain.

Water rains down in droplets and in sheets, filling the lakes, making puddles sparkle everywhere, soaking everyone's skins.

‘Naadrang’ dances and sings, immersed in bliss, as the dark, heavy sky seems to sag as if to touch the earth!

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