Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chandrakauns, Madhyalaya Roopak (February 2010)

जा जा बोलो ना कान्हा ॥
सब जगत के तुम पालक ॥ 
हमरी बेर क्योँ झूठा बहाना? ॥ध्रु॥

बन ठन के तोरी देखी बाँट ॥
शाम ढली, बीती रात ॥
कौन समझे मोरा आसूँ बहाना? ॥१॥

Don't speak to me, Kanha (Krishna)!
Why do you give your time to everyone, but when it comes to me, you make false excuses?

I was waiting for you, all dressed up for the occasion... and kept waiting till the evening turned to night. You don't understand that when you break your promise, it hurts me Kanha!

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  1. What are the words to your teen taal composition? I bought the album, and am not sure I catch all of the jokes!