Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miyaan-Malhar, Drut Teentaal (January 2009)

काहे को तुम मोहे सतायो?
हमने तेरो का बिगाडा?
जा के और किसीको सताओ!॥ध्रु॥

कबसे तोहे सहन करत हूं! ॥
ना जानूं कब इस से छूटूं! ॥
जा.के और किसीको सताओ! ॥१॥

(To the incessant rain, or perhaps an annoying coworker!)

Why do you bother me so!? 
What harm have I done to you!? 
Please go bother anybody but me!

I have been tolerating your presence for so long! 
When will I be relieved of this irritation!? Please, just leave me alone!

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