Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bhatiyaar, Madhyalaya Ektaal (February 2009)

(original composition)
पुरब से सूरज उगा ॥
फैला उजियाला ॥
जागी हर दिशा दिशा ॥ 
जागा जग सारा ॥ध्रु॥

(new Antara)
तन में तेज जगा ॥
मन में ग्यान जगा ॥ 
भागा अंधियारा ॥
जागी हर दिशा दिशा ॥ 
जागा जग सारा ॥१॥

(The inspiration for this comes from Doordarshan's Rashtriya Saksharta Mission Ad. I have added the Antara for this poem.)

(original) The sun rising from the east, spreads light and warmth in the world. 

(new Antara)[A good education] similarly spreads vitality and knowledge in the world.