Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chandrakauns, Drut Teental (March 2009)

दिन रैन साजन करत चिंतन ॥
Screen देखन में 'नादरंग' मगन ॥
मनन करत बीते जीवन ॥ ध्रु ॥

जब देखूँ तो देखत है Phone! ॥
नील-दंत (bluetooth!) लगाये कानन ॥
E-mail बिन तरपन, उलझन ॥
तंत्रद्यान कठिन सौतन! ॥१॥

To all geeks (including me):
'Naadrang' stares at the screen, lost in thought, day in, day out, realizing too late -- that life has passed him by!
In all your waking moments, your eyes are glued to your phone, a Bluetooth headset glued to your ear. If you are away from your e-mail for a few seconds, you get withdrawal symptoms!
Technology can be a cruel mistress!

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