Saturday, December 30, 2017

Raga Jogkauns, Ektaal - Please give me strength to deal with evil in this world.

कैसे तन मन राखूँ ?
चरण शरण आयो बिनती सुन लीजो, दरस दीजो, दया कीजो! || धृ ||

रोष पाप छल नाहक |
निंदा कपट दाहक |
अरज करत 'नादरंग', दुःख लीजो, समझ दीजो, सबल कीजो! || १ ||

How do I shield my mind and body?
Please shower me with grace and show me the way!
There's so much unfair rage, wickedness and hypocrisy trying to wear me down.
And caustic blame, criticism and malice that bite.
Please reduce my pain, give me wisdom and make me invulnerable!

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