Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lament of a person who's lost their phone! (Raga Jogkauns, Addha-Teentaal)

उन बिन बरसत अखियाँ ।
उन बिन उड़ी मोरी नींदरियाँ ।
छबि अधूरी रही बिन रसियाँ ।
तड़पत बीती उमरियाँ ॥ धृ ॥

कैसे अकेले देखूं दुनिया?
कैसे बोलू संग सब सखियाँ?
'नादरंग' कोई नहीं खबरियां
फोन बिन निकसे जिया! ॥ १ ॥

This is the lament of a person who's lost their beloved (... wait for it...) phone!
I can't stop the tears! I miss you dearly!
I can't sleep (... without my Music app singing me a lullaby)
The picture is incomplete without your presence (...of course ... no selfies possible!)
Living my life without you is sheer torture!
How do I go see the world, all alone? (... without my Maps app, i'll get lost)
How can I talk to my friends about my depression? (... no WhatsApp!)
There is absolutely no news ... where are you!? (... no Twitter, Facebook or News app!)
RIP dearest Phone, my life wastes away too!  

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